A downloadable game for Windows

A game created in Mexico City as a part of the Gr8ArtGames gamejam series by Goethe-Institute and Maschinen-Mensch


The goal of the game is to create a diverse community of individuals with unique abilities to help each other progress through the game.


You are a bee that loses its hive, you can either go back to your life as a bee worker or create a community with other creatures. These creatures have unique abilities that can help you with the progression of your adventure.


Luis Armando Hernandez Elorriaga, Oscar Alberto García Aguirre, Rodrigo Carbajal Guzman, Yair Ciriaco, Marco Alejandro Castro Calderon, Iannis Ortega Guzman, Saul Garrido Herrera, Victor Manuel Diaz Leites, Marco Antonio Robles, Federico Jiménez

Special thanks:

Nestor Jaimen Lamas


AthrosSociety.zip 42 MB

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